Grillin' gravy

​     A sauce for all uses!

Dixie Grey's Old South Grillin' Gravy is based on a recipe that has been handed down through the generations. This recipe was born over seventy years ago in my grandmother's kitchen. Refined over the years, by my mother Dixie Grey, it has become a part of our cooking heritage. The simple, yet secret ingredients provide you with a distinct flavor all its own.Our Grillin' Gravy is ketchup and vinegar based. It has been enjoyed and requested by family and friends for decades. As one customer recently said, "The taste is like a sweet never lets you down." 

Uses- marinade for pork, chicken, beef, and wild game. It is also used as a dip, spaghetti sauce, in meatballs, meatlof, and sloppy joes. 

Dixie Grey's Grillin' Gravy.......A seasoning for great memories!

We are a family based company that believes that great food goes hand in hand with great memories. We look forward to you trying our Grillin' Gravy on your food and experiencing the same rewarding dining experience we have enjoyed over the decades.

The sauce that excels in the oven

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